Therapeutic Recreation
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Short Stay Activities Online Training
Earn 1 hour CEU = .1 credit
This course discusses trends in transitional rehabilitation centers and provides programming ideas for our short stay residents. This includes a review of the CMS guidelines for the short stay residents, activities for our younger residents (Boomer programs), and activities for the bed bound resident.

Learning Outcomes:
Upon completion of this session, participants will be able to:
    - Demonstrate understanding of three trends that TR's encounter with short stay clients.
    - Develop/identify three individualized intervention plans with goals and objectives. 
    - Evaluate individual's need for additional and/or alternative services.

Presentation Outline:
1.    CMS and trends
2.    How can we help with rehab
3.    Interventions and Activity supplies for programming
4.    Leisure Rooms, carts, supplies, skills 
5.    The benefits of TR and Short Stay Activities
6.    What can we do for the baby boomers
7.    Trend: Self Actualization
8.    Involving other therapies