Therapeutic Recreation
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Pain Management Online Training
Earn 1 hour CEU = .1 credit
This session identifies non-pharmacological approaches to pain management. Recreation interventions and techniques have proven to be beneficial in reducing pain and helping the clients achieve a sense of well being and control over the quality of their lives. Participants will explore different approaches to managing pain including: aromatherapy, music, massage, relaxation and pet therapy.

Learning Outcomes:
Upon completion of this session, participants will be able to:
    -  Evaluate changes in functioning of the person served.
    -  Evaluate individuals need for additional and alternative services.
    -  Identify three benefits of a Pain Management program. 

Presentation Outline:
1.CMS guidelines for pain management in long term care
2.Aromatherapy for pain management
3.Music for pain management
4.Massage therapy for pain management
5.Relaxation Programs for pain management
6.Pet Therapy for pain management