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Approaches to Dementia Related Behaviors Online Training
Earn 1 hour CEU = .1 credit
This course reviews the CMS guidance to surveyors approaches to behaviors for residents with dementia. It includes information on:  
  • validation therapy 
  • communication techniques
  • approaches to common behaviors
  • and universal responses to commonly repeated phrases.

Learning Outcomes:
​Upon the completion of this course, participants will be able to:
    -  Identify three approaches to decrease dementia related behaviors
    -  Explain the purpose and outcomes of the program and steps to be followed to the person served
    -  Use leadership and facilitation techniques to maximize therapeutic outcomes  

Presentation outline:
1.  Middle Stage of Alzheimer's
2.  How to communicate with a client who is diagnosed with Alzheimer's
3.  Validation therapy and how it apply it to your RT program
4.  Simple Pleasure Program
5.  Approaches to common behaviorsand universal responses to commonly repeated phrases.