Therapeutic Recreation
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Adaptive and Sensory Programs for lower functioning residents
Earn 1 hour CEU = .1 credit
In this session participants will gain knowledge of dementia related sensory activities to stimulate senses. Participants will obtain hands on experience in engaging group interactions, leadership, and safety with clients who are low functioning. Programs discussed include: 
  • sensory boxes 
  • life skills 
  • bright eyes 
  • simple pleasures 
  • sensory rooms 
  • spark of life 
  • wake up 
  • and music activities for your special care unit.

Learning Outcomes: 
Upon completion of this session, participants will be able to:
Demonstrate recreational interventions to implement in a low functioning program.
Conduct a successful group interaction with low functioning clients.
Identify three benefits of performing low functioning activities.

Program Outline:
​1.  What is Validation Therapy and how to apply it to your clients.
2.  Spark of Life Programming
3.  The importance of structure and routine
4.  The importance of the environment for a client with dementia
5.  Programming for clients with dementia
6.  Implementing Sensory Boxes into your program
7.  Sensory rooms for clients with dementia 
8.  How music plays into the life of someone with dementia