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Congrats to Tracy on obtaining her MTRS!! Great work!
Mission of TR Connections:
To provide therapeutic recreation consultation that will educate, shape, and direct the therapeutic recreation departments to provide services that meet and exceed the standards of care; and are both therapeutic and meaningful for their clients.

All those who reside in a long term care setting will receive meaningful therapeutic recreation services that will improve their quality of life.

Goals of Therapeutic Recreation Connections Corp:
Educate: TR Connections Corp will provide a variety of education opportunities including workshops, on-line trainings, and individual trainings during monthly visits.
Support: TR Connections Corp will provide the required documentation in a timely manner and in a format that is client centered.
Inspire: TR Connections Corp will give the practitioner the confidence and resources they need to creatively meet the individual needs of their client. 

What we can offer:
oConsultation services throughout Utah
oSkilled and trained consultants
oGerontology Graduate Certificate
oCertificate of training in Recreation Therapy Dementia Practice Guidelines
oUp-to-date knowledge of state regulations and best practices in the field of Therapeutic Recreation
oTherapeutic Recreation Technicians Education Course
oHands on teaching of new activity trends with staff and residents
oInteractive workshops for CEU’s are offered which focus on: current trends and issues, education on resident diagnoses, wellness programming and overall programming enhancements
oOnline trainings are offered for convenience and accessibility
oExperience in developing: Long term care, Transitional Rehab, swing bed, adult day, assisted living, ICFD/ID and mental health programming
oActivity interventions and access to TR resources

TRConnections offers hand's on training with you and your clients.  

This unique service provides an opportunity for you to assist with an intervention with your clients while learning how to conduct it. Many times we are given a protocol and are not sure how to implement it into our programs. TRConnections not only gives you the tool but teaches you how to implement the intervention with your clients. The following is a list of FACILITY TRAINING'S that we provide. 

Wellness Interventions: Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Wellness 1:1 visits, Healthy Eating Habits,Stress Management, Wellness Jeopardy, Healthy Living Guacamole; Who wants to be a healthy & well millionaire?
Emotional Interventions: Expressive Art, Poetry, Colorology Beading, Self Esteem, Expressing Gratitude, Emotions Art, music & emotion
Cognitive Interventions:Intro to Technology, Timeslips, Touchdown trivia, Musical Crosswords, Pick the date reminisce, Travel to Tokyo, Uno Bingo
Physical Interventions: Cowboy Hoedown, Tropical Vacation, Chair Yoga, Active Bingo, Chair Chi
Social Interventions:Travel to Mexico, Men's Group (baseball theme), Coffee social/reminisce; Bird watching, Liquid Science; Chopped Chef, Nerf Zombie Apocalypse!
Sensory Interventions: Camping sensory, winter sensory, Aromatherapy (lemon), fall sensory, familiar tasks​, musical artistic expressions, bird sensory, sensory bingo, Guacamole-low cog; zoo sensory; spring sensory

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